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2011-New Year, New Focus and Trim the fat! December 28, 2010

Posted by stormannorman in Family, Life.
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As 2010 ends and 2011 is about to begin, Most people like myself think about resolutions. What we can change. This last year me and my wife have been blessed that we still have our jobs that we can provide for our family. We try be thankful even through the rough days. After hours I would be trying to come up with new tech shows, helping friend with they’re web sites, or working on new ideas.

One night in December, I was starting to feel burned out from everything and looking over the 30 different domain names that I forgot I owned. Each new idea, a new domain name would be created. Some of the domain names were in use but most were not and been registered for years. Then looking at my home office how much stuff was accumulated for these future busness ideas and realized how I ended up spreading myself thin and forgetting my family and friends. Has been worth it? It’s always worth it! but sometimes people just change and what has become important to me is my family and the community I live in.

My focus with my shows will be a variety of tech stuff, community and family in 2011. Time to trim some of the fat like keeping what I need and get rid of what is not needed like extra domain names.

Dont be scared to take risk when your young and single. Learn from your mistakes, Learn from others, Never burn bridges, and stay focused on your dream.